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Get Ready to Jump - August 17, 2008

While walking on Friday, Madonna's Jump made it's way into my shuffle. It's a heart-pounding dance song. But once in awhile, this pop diva surprises me with her lyrics...

The song opens up..."There's only so much you can learn in one place/The more that I wait/the more time that I waste." No matter where you are at in your life, your age, your social or economic background, these words pretty much apply to you. It doesn't matter how fast we move, it just matters that we keep moving...forward. As the song progresses, the chorus goes on..."Get ready to Jump/Don't ever look back, now baby..."

For those of you who have been following me for awhile, you know that I have always looked at life this way. Being raised by a psychologist, well, my brain was pretty much groomed at an early age to be introspective. Heck, I can philosophize about pancakes! (I laugh, but this is, um, with slight embarrassment, true!)

Certain circumstances, of course, call forth a different level of growth and movement. Sometimes we grow years in a day, sometimes a day in a year. It really depends on what we choose to experience and for how long.

That's right...what we choose. Everything is by choice. At any moment in your life you can make a change. It may take time to implement, but by golly, you are the one holding the steering wheel.

As with driving, the road isn't always smooth. Sometimes there are potholes, dead-ends and detours, but it is still up to you how to navigate your way through it all.

We have one life to live. Live yours with open eyes. Make decisions. Understand the meaning of consequences. Think outside of yourself. Take care of yourself above anyone else. Follow your heart. Have a plan. Remember what you are here for. Revisit your values. Make sure you are aligning what is important to you with where you are investing your time. We become what we please make sure you are doing what you love.

Until next time...


Closer to Fine - January 26, 2008

January is a unique month. It can be a bit raw, as we look back at the past year, and yet even more exhilarating, as we have an opportunity to gaze ahead to our future. All the while we are present in our day-to-day lives, maintaining our sense of obligation, trying to get by. Resolutions. Goals. Gift returns. Sleep. Paying the bills. Happy hour. Starting a new exercise plan. Work. Play. Caffeine. More sleep. Doctor appointments. Downtime. Snooze buttons.

Sound familiar?

In between planning your next meal and putting your head to the pillow, you may be feeling a bit of pain, aggravation, anxiety, and the yearning for time alone. Unless you are sleep walking through your life, this stuff belongs to all…the rich and the poor. Leaders and followers. Married and single. With kids and empty nests. None of us are exempt from the process, the journey. Unique goals, yes. Growth, no.

Sure, we can avoid it, but eventually it will catch up to us. Or we can be consumed by it, but all that does is separate us from those who need and depend on us. Perhaps we can simply honor it as part of life, adulthood, and work through it, just as we do a headache, cramps, or cravings.

Speaking of which, did someone mention chocolate?

I quote the Indigo Girls in today's blog entry because Closer to Fine speaks of this beautiful, timeless message. It is a song about seeking clarity, and surrendering to being.

I went to the doctor/I went to the mountains/I looked to the children/I drank from the fountains,/There's more than one answer to these questions pointing me in a crooked line/The less I seek the source of some definitive/The closer I am to fine.

As you work through the next several weeks of what this season offers, set realistic expectations, be compassionate with yourself and others, forgive, smile, have fun, be happy, lighten your heart, call your mother, connect with those you care about, love, share, receive, laugh, be grateful, nurture your fill in the rest. After all, it's your life.

Until next time...


The Then and the Now - December 28, 2007

It's been awhile since I've had the urge to write a blog. It's strange, but the words just haven't been there. I've been silent and withdrawn, in a healthy way. With the holidays and nearing the end of another year, well, quiet reflection has been my best friend. I love the bareness of the season.

I typically quote other songwriters in my subject line, but today I'm quoting one of my own songs. While I wrote Cross the Line a couple years ago, the meaning has come to make greater sense now. I suppose other songwriters can relate to this process-- writing is part being in the zone, but it's also quite logical. You have to format the song, focus on structure, syntax, meter...and then emotion. You process all of your experiences in your subconscious mind and then one blue morning...BAM. It all comes together...

Laying down tracks is the next step. Hours in the studio recording, editing, engineering, and mastering. Once it is printed to CD you can step back and actually listen to your song for the first time...sometimes months or years after you created it.

Most of my songs are autobiographical...honest, Writing about what I know is one way I can lead an authentic life. Plus, it's a cathartic process-- and that saves me a ton on therapy bills.

Cross the Line is a song about growth, maturity, moving forward, holding ourselves back, feeling stuck, acknowledgement, and ultimately resolution. As we begin to turn the last pages of our 2007 calendar and enter a new phase, think about the areas in your life that you need to shed. Those things that are holding you back, weighing you down. We have all been caught between the then and the Growth belongs to each of us. Discard your cynicism and move toward your potential. I guarantee you will feel much happier. And, deep down, at the end of the day, isn't this what life is about?

My wish is for you to lead the way and become the best possible you. And that has nothing to do with what other people have. Please understand this. I see jealousy and competitveness way too much, and it's disheartening. Life is not a competition. There are many great people in the world. Be one of them!

The key is to use your energy and time wisely. Turn away from complaining and move toward self-improvement and your goals. Balance reality with possibility-- your dreams. Start small and stay the course...

Here's to success!

Until next time...


Saying Goodbye to Yesterday - October 29, 2007

Yep. I've removed all of my previous blog entries. Why? Well, I believe words carry energy. And those passages were a thing of the past.

I'm ready to live fully in the now.

Don't get me wrong-- I'm thankful for yesterday. But in a weird way, I feel as though I am finally catching up to who I am becoming. It's a strange feeling. And once I "get" who I am, I'm certain I will begin to change all over again. So is the cycle of growth, of life...

I am filled with gratitude for all of the experiences that have contributed to who I am up to this point, and will undoubtedly continue to do so.

My husband, friendships, and family, who fill my heart with love and compromise, and provide the space to maintain individuality while honoring and accepting our interdependence.

My work, which stimulates and challenges my mind, continues to teach me patience, and better appreciate the value of time and money.

Yoga, which motivates me on a physical / spiritual level, and encourages me to journey within and find my own truth.

And the music, which allows for complete and full expression, connects me to those deepest parts, and then magically to others.

These areas are the essential parts of my life, much like food and shelter. They sustain, anchor, and balance all that is me. While they were part of my yesterday, they are also my today, and will be my tomorrow, too.

So, goodbye to the yesterday I no longer the stuff that has weighed me down and barricaded me from my full potential. Old habits, unfavorable memories, and unnecessary fear. Thank you for bringing me here...

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