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Janna Audey: Yoga

Janna Audey, ERYT-200

Many people know me first and foremost as a singer, performer, songwriter...a musical, creative person. And that most certainly is where I have spent most of my adult life. Thankfully, I am still able to sing and perform, 32 years later!

For the past ten years, I have been studying Classical Yoga (Yoga is an eight-limb path, although, in your hour-long class, the focus is primarily on the postures and breathing). I am so deeply grateful to have met and taught thousands of students (and hours!), and to have earned the credential "E" through the Yoga Alliance (ERYT-200), which stands for Experienced. A few years ago I found a home at a local Registered Yoga School (RYS), MyBodyoga in Woodbridge, VA, as part of their teaching staff. I now get to go deeper, and train Yoga teacher trainees on the Ethics of Yoga (limbs 1 and 2), and the Subtle Body, which are not only my competencies, they are the areas/branches of Yoga I am highly passionate about!

I believe now more than ever we are bombarded with distractions, and there is a need to learn/re-learn how to focus on the areas of work and life that matter most to and are required of us.  Just like we train our physical muscles, we need to train the mind to be present. And this is something that requires a bit of discipline, as well as a healthy sense of humor. One needn't be a Yoga instructor or trainee to benefit from the Ethics of Yoga. It is a set of principles that are understood individually, and then lived (with self and society/external world) in respectful ways. As your coach or teacher, I simply teach you what the Ethics are. You then learn how they apply to your life, and it is through the learning that the door to your self-exploration opens wide. Be prepared to learn a lot about you!

Ideally, we would have four one-hour phone sessions, or FaceTime sessions for iPhone users. If you purchase all four hours at once the bundled charge is $180. If you prefer to purchase one hour or session at a time, the price is $50 per hourly session. If you live in the Alexandria area, we could meet for two-hour sessions in person at the same hourly rate ($100 total for each two-hour session, or you could buy the four hour bundle and save). Sound fun? Interesting? Want to learn more? Please email me at so we can get started. I will have a few questions for you to answer to learn about what stage of life you are at, or working on. You can also join the Yoga community on Facebook by clicking here.

I sincerely look forward to guiding you to lead your best, authentic life. Happy learning, and Namaste!