Janna Audey - Singer, Acoustic Guitar, Booking Manager

Janna Audey has been singing professionally since 1984-- her first paid gig was at the Ash Street Tavern in Johnstown, PA. The two years leading up to her first gig-- a big deal for a 17-year old to get paid to sing in a bar that she wasn't even old enough to be in!-- she was a featured soloist in various concerts and theater productions, and a first place winner in over five talent competitions.  She learned one thing fast: she didn't like competing, but she sure loved singing. Back then she knew there was more-- and where she was, well, was just the beginning.

35 years later, she can look back and smile on her younger self for knowing this absolute truth...

Janna is entering 2019 with over 3,000 live shows under her belt, and a list of people whom she once performed for, and venues and events that would certainly impress some of her D.C. friends, however, she chooses to look forward, and be exactly where she is, doing what she loves most, and where she feels her voice is best expressed: as a solo artist and alongside her husband and musical partner of 25 years, Rob Santos.

"At my age, and at this stage of my life, I know who I've been. And who I am and where I'm heading. I am thankful for the miles traveled, and those yet to be explored. I believe I am here to share love, peace, joy, calm, positive energy-- all of this-- through a sophisticated, fun, nostalgic set list that spans over six decades. On vast country properties and in community venues that allow for this expression. There are no words to describe the feeling of authentic musical expression, and then to extend this from me to others to create a shared experience. When I say that the live shows are collaborative between me and the audience, I mean it!"

Janna has also been teaching Yoga as a shared "gig", for the past 12 years. These energies work quite well together, and she credits Yoga with helping her find her true voice.

Janna's solo shows feature her vocals, her main instrument. Over the past ten years she has come to learn and appreciate that many people actually prefer the stripped down, sincere sound for this very reason-- her modest guitar playing (Ovation and Ibanez) and her soulful voice. These shows are gentler, intimate, and conversational performances, which include originals and her favorite 60s-70s-80s-90s-00s artists and songs. Many songs that she isn't able to play with her duo.

To read about her duo, continue on to learn about Rob Santos, and Smokin' Lounge!

Rob Santos - Guitarist

Rob Santos is a masterful guitarist with 38 years experience playing live shows. With a catalog of bands, musicians and venues that would impress many, similar to Janna, while Rob feels very accomplished of his past, he chooses to focus on where he is now at this stage of his career. Rob has been enjoying learning new styles, and the challenges and complexities many of these songs require of him to learn. He may be a rock guitarist at heart, however that musical heart has definitely broadened over the past decade.

When Rob plays guitar these days he is alongside his wife, Janna, as the duo now known as Smokin' Lounge. They play an eclectic collection of songs in the genres of jazz, lounge, classic rock, traditional country, and indie pop/rock. You may hear an 80s metal song played like a jazz tune, or a traditional country song played with a little tinge of rock...that's what they do. Rob and Janna make the songs their own, with the techniques they have developed over the years, together...

For both Rob and Janna, there is no greater reward than to be able to continue to share in the experience of live music. Recently, one of their newer fans said: "I think your husband is one of the top guitarists in Alexandria." Janna smiled, warmly, and replied, "I agree."